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What to expect from the Achtung 2024 film festival

This year, Achtung film festival celebrates its 20th year of championing contemporary cinema from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Still from Milk Teeth, d. Sophia Bösch (Germany/Switzerland 2024)

As always, this year’s Achtung festival has a lot to offer everyone, from the casual cinephile to the avid festivalgoer. Achtung is all about exploring the upcoming contemporary cinema scene across Berlin and Brandenburg, and you’ll be able to find films made by up-and-coming Berlin filmmakers who are early on in their careers.

Everything from features, shorts and mid-length flicks with all genres and styles is sure to be covered. The eight-day festival spreads out over several categories with thematic focuses and industry days, encompassing everything from networking for budding filmmakers to an opportunity for the public to scope out the next big thing in Berlin film.

This year’s retrospective is a good place to start to get a sense of Achtung’s essence: ‘Forever Young – 20 Years of Achtung Berlin Film Festival’ will feature films from all 20 editions of the festival thus far, encapsulating the style and nuance that is unique to this event. Opening the festival is Milk Teeth by Sophia Bösch, a feature-length drama based on a novel by Helene Bukowski.

  • Apr 10-17, various cinemas, more info here.