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Hit Man: Good humoured crime caper

Director Richard Linklater's newest Netflix movie is loosely based on the story of an undercover gun for […]


Not a Word: Evocative, emotional orchestra

While Not A Word is a provocative film on family dynamics reminiscent of Tar, but lacking some […]

Editor's Column

What do Cowboys mean? New films take on the Wild West

Do works like Kevin Costner's Horizon, as well as recent films like The Harder They Fall and […]


Daddio: Basic and predictable

Christy Hall's Daddio does little to improve on the "set in cabs" film subgenre. ★★ 1/2


What to expect at the 2024 Jewish Film Festival Berlin

This year's iteration of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin will explore sexuality in Judaism though a new […]


Neukölln’s Wolf Kino is showcasing the hidden gems of Yemeni cinema

For a night of short films and insightful panel discussions, head to Wolf Kino on June 7th […]


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