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Smash and grab: Thieves attempt raid on luxury store

In the early hours of the morning, thieves reversed their car into the shop window of a […]

Monday, May 27

Brawl in Prenzlauer Berg: Basketball fans fight in the streets

Hundreds of basketball fans were involved in a mass brawl on Saturday night before Panathinaikos Athens lifted […]

Friday, May 24

Is Berlin planning to remove a statue to Korean “comfort women”?

Comments from Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner hint at the removal of a statue commemorating the victims of […]

Thursday, May 23

Students occupy Humboldt University to establish “Jabalia Institute”

Protestors have symbolically adopted the name of one of the largest refugee camps in the Gaza strip. […]

Wednesday, May 22

How long does it take to turn German in Berlin? 11 years

Last year, 9,041 people were naturalised as German citizens in Berlin, with an average time of residence […]

Tuesday, May 21

Car theft: 6,643 vehicles stolen last year, but which are most popular?

The estimated cost of all stolen cars in Berlin in 2023 was €163 million. But which brands […]


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