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Christian Rug’s ICH DU WIR is a technicolour celebration of sex, love and kink

Berlin based artist Christian Rug brings his signature "pop-porn" to Cocoon Berlin with a daring, technicolor exhibition […]

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Berlin art: What exhibitions are on now?

What's going on in the art world and which Berlin exhibitions should you check out right now?


Billy Childish: “I’m the one on the true path”

Painter, musician and writer Billy Childish on his new exhibition, 'Paintings from Fossilised Cretaceous Seams' at Berlin's […]


The stunning oddities of Modigliani: Modern Gazes

Currently on at the Museum Barberini, 'Modigliani: Modern Gazes' showcases some of the great Italian Modernist's most […]


Spellbinding alchemy: Alexandra Pirici’s Attune at Hamburger Bahnhof

Alexandra Pirici challenges our ideas about life on earth in Attune, her show at Hamburger Banhof. ★★★★

Editor's Column

Desktop archaeology: Delving into the digital archive of artist Michel Majerus

The exhibition 'Let's Play Majerus G3' at the Michel Majerus Estate takes an intimate look at the […]


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