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Berlin art: What exhibitions are on now?

What's going on in the art world and which Berlin exhibitions should you check out right now?

Editor Column

Desktop archaeology: Delving into the digital archive of artist Michel Majerus

The exhibition 'Let's Play Majerus G3' at the Michel Majerus Foundation takes an intimate look at the […]

Exhibition Review

Shock, horror, gore: Die Auto-Perforations-Artisten (F.A.Q) at KVOST

For their first institutional exhibition since their 1982 founding, Die-Auto-Perforations-Artisten (F.A.Q) present a series of works that […]


“My desire to document was something personal” Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner on his new photo exhibition

Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner started photographing his unmade beds decades ago. Now, 300 of those […]


Give and take: Kate Newby on her new show at the Klosterruine

Kate Newby is digging into the foundation of The Klosterruine as part of her new show: anything, […]


Berlin, Berlin: The legacy of Helmut Newton

Looking back on the controversial life and legacy of Helmut Newton on the 20th anniversary of the […]


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