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  • Nude attitude: Berlin’s Best FKK Spots


Nude attitude: Berlin’s Best FKK Spots

The sun is out, so it's time to get those Berlin buns out. Here are the city's best spots for FKK.

Take some inspiration from the FKK diorama in the DDR Museum. Photo: Imago/Steinach

Berlin has long had a relationship with nudism, or FKK (Freikörperkultur) as it is known in German. As far back as 1900, people would meet in Berlin and the surrounding areas to celebrate nakedness.

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In the DDR, it was pretty standard to whip your clothes off provided the opportunity. The West, however, tended to be a little more reserved. Nowadays, some say FKK is dying out, but in these Berlin spots you can find it very much alive and kicking. 

Familien Sport Verein Adolf Koch 

The Adolf Koch Sport-Verein offers naked sports inside the club as well as excursions where clothing is optional. Photo: Familiensportverein Adolf Koch/Jürgen Krüll

If you want a naked swim but also want to do other sports without clothes, then the Adolf Koch Family Sports Club is the place for you. Founded all the way back in 1951 by Koch himself, the club on Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg offers badminton, football, table tennis and gymnastics. You can also go on excursions with the Verein – sauna visits, hikes and group evenings are also on the programme. You can pack light but maybe don’t forget your shoes. 

  • Familien Sport-Verein Adolf Koch, Kreuzberg, details

Helios Verein 

“Nudist-friendly” Helios has plenty of space in Grunewald for a host of sports. Photo: Helios

The Helios Verein für Gesundheit und Sport in Grunewald has 19,000 square metres of grounds with a 25-metre swimming pool that is heated from May to September. All of these facilities can be used in the buff. The club, which calls itself “nudist-friendly”, has around 600 members of all ages and they also offer trial memberships. The main sports offered are tennis, beach volleyball and – rather fittingly – boules. 

Familiensportverein VFK Berlin-Südwest

VFK Berlin-Südwest celebrates their 100th birthday this year. Photo: VfK Berlin-Südwest

The Verein für Körperkultur in south west Berlin has a large nudist club area on Ostpreußendamm in Lichterfelde. You can play sports such as beach volleyball, tennis or badminton and you can also go swimming. Clothes are required while playing sports but not for swimming. 

  • Familiensportverein VFK Berlin-Südwest, Steglitz, details


Inspired by Scandinavian sauna culture, you can enjoy a spot of Nordic wellness on Müggelsee. Photo: Dirk Engelhardt

Take a sauna raft trip on Müggelsee, where you can also have a nude dip. The float has room for up to seven people, and you don’t need a boat license to steer. If you prefer something simpler, you can rent all kinds of other rafts in Berlin, and depending on where you drop anchor; also sunbathe naked. 

  • Saunafloß, Müggelsee, details


Although Teufelssee is a protected lake, you can have a swim and a sunbathe on the southern shore. Photo: Imago Images/Zeitz

For decades, Teufelssee has been an infamous spot for nude swimmers in Berlin. It’s a lively mix of families and Berlin party people. The only rule here is: each to their own, whether that be completely naked or in swimwear. 

  • Teufelssee, Grunewald.


You can find the FKK beach on the north-west shore of Grunewaldsee. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/Spphschu/CC BY-SA 4.0

Grunewaldsee is one of the lesser known lakes, even for many who have lived in Berlin for a while. The upside of this is that you can swim here undisturbed. What’s more, there’s a nudist bathing spot named “Bullenwinkel” on the north-west shore.   

  • Grunewaldsee, Grunewald. 


Halensee was closed from 2002 to 2016 due to poor water quality. Thanks to a new rainwater filter system, you can once again swim in the lake. Photo: Imago/Stefan Zeitz

Halensee is a favourite nudist spot in Berlin. There’s a sunbathing lawn and a small bathing point, used by nude and partially-clothed swimmers alike. However, be warned that the water quality isn’t great when it rains. 

  • Halensee, Wilmersdorf.


Get naked and enjoy the water at Müggelsee. Photo: Imago/Ulli Winkler

The lido at Müggelsee may look a bit outdated, or “retro” as optimists call it, but it’s still popular, almost certainly because admission is free. West of the Strandbad, there is also a large nudist area if you feel like enjoying the sun and water without your swimsuit. 

  • Strandbad Müggelsee, Rahnsdorf, details.


Wedding’s answer to FKK: Plötzensee. Photo: Imago/Schöning

The Plötzensee lido not only has a 600-metre-long stretch of sandy beach, but also a separate nudist area. Since 2020, the lido has been handed over to new operators but the popular nudist area has remained. According to an employee, the lido didn’t want “to take it away from our Wedding residents”. 

  • Strandbad Plötzensee, Wedding, details.

Sommerbad Kreuzberg

People of all genders can swim topless in the Berliner Bäder. Kreuzberg Sommerbad also has a lawn where you can sunbathe naked. Foto: Imago/Emmanuelle Contini

One of the most popular swimming pools in Berlin, Sommerbad Kreuzberg is only a stone’s throw away from Prinzenstrasse u-bahn. You can have a dip in the middle of the city without having to travel too far. Nude swimming is not allowed here, but there is a section on the sunbathing lawn where you can sunbathe naked. 

  • Sommerbad Kreuzberg, Kreuzberg, details.

Liegewiese Tiergarten 

Parks and recreation: Tiergarten is a favourite nudist sunbathing spot for many Berliners. Photo: Imago/STPP

Nude sunbathing is not officially permitted in Tiergarten but people (especially men) have been stripping their kit off here for decades. It is one of the few central parks in Berlin where nudity is at least tolerated in places. Rumour has it that men who want to do a little more than sunbathing will find what they’re looking for here too… 

  • Großer Tiergarten, Mitte.

Liegewiese Hasenheide 

FKK isn’t technically allowed in Hasenheide but it’s generally accepted. Photo: Imago/Schöning

Like the sunbathing lawn in Tiergarten, the meadow in Hasenheide is not an official nudist area but naked people have been soaking up the sun here for years. You may also find other pleasures in the bushes here, if that’s what you’re looking for. Spend the day in the sun and scoot over to Templehofer Feld to catch the sunset in all its glory. 

  • Volkspark Hasenheide, Neukölln.

Sommerbad Pankow 

You can’t swim naked in Sommerbad Pankow, but sunbathing naked is allowed. Photo: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

After being closed for renovation, Sommerbad Pankow is back for summer this year. Nude swimming is not allowed at this outdoor pool, but like Sommerbad Kreuzberg there is a section on the lawn where you can enjoy the sun as nature intended.

  • Sommerbad Pankow, Pankow, details.

Edited from the German version by Annabel Wood.