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Change Your Course: The Online Coding Tech Bootcamp From Berlin 


There was a time not long ago, when down-to-earth Berlin and hyper-professional Silicon Valley were in many ways the exact opposite of each other. If you want to learn to code, people would say, your best bet is to pack your bags and jump on a plane to the states.

And yet the tech scene in Germany has undergone something of a quiet Renaissance in the last decade. A marked sign of this is the emergence of a cutting-edge coding bootcamp, called WBS CODING SCHOOL, that is based right here in Berlin.

Hang on, what’s a coding tech bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are short courses, usually two to six months in duration, created specifically for those who wish to work in the world of tech – career changers and upskillers alike – and designed to cram as much learning as possible into that short time.

Bootcamps started out as programs for software developers only, but nowadays they teach a remarkable variety of subjects, from Web Development and UX/UI Design to Data Science and Data Analytics and Marketing Analytics.


From Berlin with love: learn from anywhere

WBS CODING SCHOOL is based in Berlin, with a campus on the shore of the Spree – a popular spot of wide-open skies and grassy embankments. While it may look like a cheerful holiday venue from the outside, on the inside it is equipped with terminals, projection screens, lecture halls, and all sorts of equipment to facilitate a full-immersion into tech studies.

Although the campus is in Berlin, WBS CODING SCHOOL offers a variety of flexible options which include studying fully remote, or adding a two-week residence on campus. Its classes are typically highly international, with plenty of students from all over the world, and from a variety of professional backgrounds.

What will I learn in a coding tech bootcamp?

WBS CODING SCHOOL presently offers several distinct programs for the aspiring tech worker. There are bootcamps in Full-Stack Web&App Development, Data Science, Data Analytics and UX/UI Product Design and Marketing Analytics.

These learning programs come in a variety of different studying options, including full-time and part-time programs. All of the bootcamps are in English, but the Web&App bootcamp can also be taken in German.

How do I pay for a tech bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps have a powerful reputation for launching successful careers in the world of tech, which gives them a favoured status among financial sponsors.

For students based in Germany, for example, the state-sponsored voucher known as the Bildungsgutschein is available for the unemployed, and covers the entire cost of the tuition.

Students based abroad will have financing options that depend on their country of origin, naturally, although it’s worth having a chat with the school’s Admission Managers to discuss your options. A tuition fee shouldn’t stand in the way of your future.


Berlin: A New European Tech Hub

Berlin is at the forefront of this evolving scene, and its booming popularity as a city has made it more attractive for professionals and businesses alike. The appearance of WBS CODING SCHOOL, which since its inception in 2020 managed to rake up awards like CourseReport’s “Best Coding Bootcamp” multiple years in a row.

Choose the area you’d like to work in, hone your skills, and change your course with WBS CODING SCHOOL.

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