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Berghain turns 10!

On Thu, Aug 7, Berghain's Halle opens its doors to the public to celebrate 10 years of its infamous sister space. Nine artists including Carsten Nicolai, Norbert Bisky and the gatekeeper himself Sven Marquardt exhibit works from a decade of dance.

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Photo by mlaiacker (Flickr CC)

The techno-mecca that is Berghain is celebrating 10 years at the top and has subsequently decided to open the doors to the seldom-used Halle am Berghain for the majority of August (7-31, except Mondays) to exhibit artworks from the likes of audiovisual manipulator Carsten Nicolai and fresco painter Norbert Bisky as well as displaying gothic-tinged photography from the one and only Sven Marquardt himself.

Berghain has long since been one of the most noteworthy establishments in all of Berlin. Those who are granted access even take Instagram snaps of their coveted entrance stamps in order to solidify their “coolness” forever in the fickle world of cyberspace. Despite being featured in the EasyJet in-flight magazine and receiving pandering write-ups in publications such as Rolling Stone, The New York Times and, wait for it…The Telegraph (who wrote a cringeworthy style guide on how to get in) there is still no denying its world-wide appeal.

So without the constricts of the infamous door policy, this could be a good opportunity to breathe the hallowed air of Berghain without waiting for hours in mile long Schlange

10 | August 7-31 (except Mondays), full programme at www.berghain.de