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German feminists and the headscarf

RANT! Why is the headscarf oppressive and not high heels? And the only way to end this […]


Schönes Wochenende… on Thursday?!

RANT! Why is "good night" only interpreted as I slept with you! And "schönes Wochenende" on Thursday […]


I’m not offended if you buy my drink!

RANT! How hard is it to get a guy to invite you to a drink in this […]


Exotic plants… is Berlin posh now?!

RANT! Exotic house plants, really that's the new craze? What happened to drugs and currywurst? Jacinta Nandi […]


Enough with the workshops already!

RANT! Is there a workshop for everything now? And kids, seriously, teenagers want to spend their time […]


Why so rude?

RANT! Entschuldigung, it's a word, use it! And stop tutting at supermarket check-outs while you're at it! […]


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