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WTF Berlin: Abendbrot, the German Hausfrau’s best-kept secret

Jacinta Nandi lets us in on a little-known trick, and explains the consummate art of making the […]


A new station name won’t end racism, but it’s better than nothing

WTF BERLIN! The controversial name of an U-Bahn stop has been switched, so what’s with the backlash? […]


Beware of the church tax

WTF BERLIN! You might meet a sweet German Beamte trying to make smalltalk, but, as Jacinta Nandi […]


“I stand with Hengameh.”

WFT BERLIN! Are all cops trash? Charges have been brought against a journalist for saying so, but […]


I don’t like Anmeldung – can I ever really be German?

WTF BERLIN! Jacinta Nandi has been here for 20 years, but thinks there’s still something a bit […]


“I do not have a mask fetish.”

WTF BERLIN! Jacinta Nandi loves wearing masks – maybe a bit too much. In fact, she can’t imagine […]


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