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The complicated history of Berlin’s Olympiastadion

Berlin's Olympiastadion is hosting several key games at the 2024 Euros, but how should fans grapple with […]

Friday, May 24

Is Berlin planning to remove a statue to Korean “comfort women”?

Comments from Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner hint at the removal of a statue commemorating the victims of […]

This must be the place

Haus Vaterland: The lost pleasure palace of Potsdamer Platz

The legendary Haus Vaterland was once a vibrant epicentre of nightlife in Weimar-era Berlin, we look back […]


Disturbing scenes of human destruction: Ernst Wilhelm Nay, André Masson: Mythos und Massaker

Currently showing at the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg, 'Mythos und Massaker' exposes two artists' very different approaches to war.


Georg Grosz: The Stick Men – Intimate grievance and an engrossing exhibition

Deeply pessimistic and bleakly satirical, 'Georg Grosz: The Stick Men' at Das Kleine Grosz Museum gives an […]

Tuesday 22, August

Phosphorus WWII bomb catches fire after being removed from Spree

Emergency services doused the burning phosphorus with water after the World War 2 bomb was discovered in […]


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