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A history primer for Weimar fans

Last chance to see the Deutsches Historisches Museum's Weimar exhibit, a multi-media walk through of the short-lived […]


June in art: The Weimar women’s moment

Berlin curators are finally rediscovering interwar female artists.


OUT NOW! Our JUNE issue!

No shit! EXB is another year older and dedicating its anniversary issue to the lucky, yucky and […]


Bauhaus getaway: Weimar or Dessau – which should you check out?

Both Weimar and Dessau lay claim to the title of Bauhaus Heimat. But which is worth the […]


Bauhaus on the Bühne

The Akademie der Künste kicks off the jubilee celebrations to mark 100 years since the iconic design […]


Twenty years of Weimar Berlin: Jason Lutes

INTERVIEWS! US comic artist Jason Lutes on the 22 painstaking years he spent imagining 1930s Weimar from […]


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