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Yulia Navalnaya present at Russian Embassy polling station in Berlin

Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Kremlin-critic Alexei Navalny made an appearance at the Russian Embassy in Berlin on […]

Monday 12, February

Berlin repeat election results: Slight losses for Germany’s ruling coalition

Despite weeks of protest against the AfD in Beriln, the far-right party increased its vote share by […]


Germany has (finally) passed its dual citizenship law

The new German citizenship law has passed, reducing the time you have to wait before applying and […]

Tuesday 19, December

Another repeat election? Berlin set for new vote this February

Wait, didn't this happen already? Berlin is heading back to the polls next February for more repeat […]


Berlin’s climate neutral 2030 referendum, explained

You've seen the red and green posters, but what's are the most important things to know about […]


The Berlin election explainer: Off to the polls (again)

Barely 16 months after the last election, Berlin is doing it all over again. So: who are […]


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