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Minime: Cruelty is a drug

★ ★ ★ ★ Kata Wéber's play at the Volksbühne ratchets up the tension until it is […]


Peaches talks skittle clits ahead of Berlin jubilee run

INTERVIEW! Ahead of her jubilee run at the Volksbühne Dec 28-31, the Berlin-made Canadian icon looks back […]


“Our most personal work”: Moon Duo’s Sanae Yamada

INTERVIEW! With a new album and upcoming show at the Volksbühne on Oct 21, we catch psychedelic […]


Off stage drama: Volksbühne’s Klaus Dörr

INTERVIEW! As Volksbühne's new season kicks off on Sep 12 with "An Odyssee", its interim director Klaus […]


A new kind of Salome: Benny Claessens

INTERVIEW! Claessens, the star of Ersan Mondtag’s Salome at the Gorki Theater, on being misunderstood. Catch it […]


2018 on stage

Our annual roundup of tops and flops. Read on, because there's still time to catch the tops […]


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