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Out of the frying pan… Berlin restaurants and the cooking oil shortage

Berlin restaurants face a critical cooking oil shortage. Are our French fries and chili oil noodles under […]

Ukraine - how to help

Berlin supports Ukraine: How to help refugees

From donations to volunteering, here's how Berliners can help the 10,000 refugees arriving from Ukraine each day.

Ukraine war

Berlin’s new hamsterkauf: Why is the city out of sunflower oil?

Oil prices are going up – but it's not just petrol that's the problem. Supplies of Ukrainian sunflower […]

Ukraine - Berlin conversations

Sergei Starkowski on Maidan, Zelensky and why he’s optimistic about the future

The American-Ukrainian artist speaks to us about the solidarity in Berlin and the benefit event at Haus […]

Ukraine - reports from Berlin

Medicine, petrol, baby food: The Berliner bringing aid to the Ukraine border

We spoke with Alan Meyer, a Russian-born Berliner helping Ukrainians cross the Polish border

Ukraine – reports from Berlin

Milana: From Kharkiv to Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Our reporter spent the weekend at Berlin Hauptbahnhof to help some of the thousands of incoming refugees.


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