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Space Meduza: Party bar turned mission headquarters

At his hip bar in Kreuzberg, Andrew Medwed awaits Ukraine's real independence day.


Ukraine in Berlin: 25 spots you should know

Cinemas, churches, sculptures: There's more Ukrainian culture in Berlin than you might think.


Wheels: The Berlin theatre company building bridges to Kharkiv

After six years of cooperation with Ukraine, Berlin-based theatre company Wheels found themselves in a much larger […]

Radio Ukraine Ukrainian music and culture from the heart of Berlin brings Ukrainian music, culture and current affairs to Ukrainian and German speakers.

Fake News

Fake news of the week: War in Ukraine (update)

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, German social media has been flooded with misinformation and images shared out […]


Cherkasy to Berlin: Escaping the war in Ukraine

Irina Shylova fled Ukraine with her youngest son, Viktor, leaving her husband and elder son behind.


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