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Night wolves are coming: Putin-supporting motorcycle gang heads for Berlin

After passing through Volgograd and Donetsk, the Russian motorbike gang are set to arrive in Berlin for […]

Monday 17, April

Organisers of Russian wrecked tank protest asked to pay €806

Back in February, two men put a destroyed tank outside the Russian embassy in Berlin. Mitte is […]


Sergei Loznitsa: “Greetings from the middle ages”

We spoke with Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa about the war in Ukraine, propaganda, Berlin - and his […]

Monday 27, February

“Uprising for Freedom” sees thousands demonstrate against Ukraine arms shipments

Saturday saw a controversial demonstration in Berlin called the "Uprising for Freedom" where thousands gathered to demand […]

Friday 24, February

Wrecked tank installed outside Russian embassy in Berlin

In a controversial protest, the ruined shell of a T-72 tank has been installed outside the Russian […]

One Year of War

One year of war in Ukraine: Berlin shows solidarity

It has been one year since Russia began its war of aggression against Ukraine - here's what […]


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