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As Seen At: Marzahn Pride

We stopped by Marzahn Pride hosted by the Russian-speaking queer community to see how people dressed for […]

Wednesday, July 10

Berlin police admit mistake after Ukrainian language banned at demo

Berlin police have admitted a mistake in banning Ukrainian at Monday's demo, but it's not the first […]

Tuesday, June 11

Cancelled trains and closed roads as Zelensky visits Berlin

S-Bahn services are cancelled and traffic delays expected as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky makes a visit to […]

Exhibition review

Kyiv Perennial: “War is brought to our doorstep”

The second year of the Kyiv Biennale brings the atrocities of war to the forefront.

Monday 8, April

Measles outbreak confirmed at Tegel refugee housing

Germany already doesn't meet the minimum vaccination requirement for measles. Now, an outbreak of the disease has […]


What to read now: Eva Menasse, Vladimir Sorokin and Sasha Salzmann

We review Eva Menasse's study of humanity and wisdom, Vlaimir Sorokin's sci-fi fever dream and Sasha Salzmann's […]


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