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€49 ticket funding in doubt from next year?

Starting next year, the entire cost for Germany's €49 ticket may need to be paid by each […]

Thursday 24, August

Could a Paris ban mean more e-scooters for Berlin?

From September 1, e-scooters will be banned from the streets and squares of Paris. Could many of […]

Wednesday 26, July

Berlin’s e-scooter rentals skyrocket amid controversy

Ever controversial, Berlin's e-scooters are back in the limelight as rentals double in the past two years.

Monday 3, July

8,000 cyclists demonstrate against Berlin bike path freeze

Berlin cyclists are angry about the new government's controversial plans to stop construction on all new bike […]

Tuesday 21, February

The €49 Deutschlandticket is already on sale!

The new €49 ticket (which is valid for travel throughout Germany) is available for preorder.


A new station name won’t end racism, but it’s better than nothing

WTF BERLIN! The controversial name of an U-Bahn stop has been switched, so what’s with the backlash? […]


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