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Megan’s Megacan: Leave Our Lovely Forest Alone, Elon

In this episode of Megan's Megacan, Megan and Konrad get stuck into the big, nasty Tesla expansion […]

Thursday 7, March

Arson attack halts production at Tesla Gigafactory

Production has been brought to a standstill after an arson attack on the Tesla gigafactory outside Berlin […]

Friday 12, January

Tesla plant halts production due to Houthi attacks on shipping

The Gigafactory in Brandenburg will have to shut down for two weeks due to Houthi attacks in […]

Thursday 28, December

Berlin students hack Tesla’s autopilot mode

Students at TU Berlin expose Tesla's executive "Elon Mode", gaining insight into the cars' AI learning and […]

Thursday 28, September

Leaks, spills, fires: Environmental concerns at Tesla’s Giga Berlin

15,000 litres of paint, 150 litres of diesel and 13 tons of aluminium have been spilled at […]

Tuesday 1, August

Groundwater at risk: Tesla’s Gigafactory expansion raises environmental worries

While the regional water association is concerned about Tesla's expansion, the company insists their presence will actually […]


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