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TechScale Berlin: Startups set to make a ding in 2020

EXB's resident techxpert Jewell Sparks looks ahead to which Berlin startups are set to explode in 2020.


Fighting for data privacy – Berlin’s unique history

With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, data privacy finally hit the mainstream. In Berlin there's a long tradition […]


The anti-Google alliance

In the fight against the tech giant’s planned move to Kreuzberg, local anti-gentrification activists and expat anti-surveillance […]


It’s not your phone, it’s you

The average user checks their smartphone 88 times per day. So what’s all this constant connection doing […]


Start-up novelty gifts

Wondering what Berlin's start-ups are actually producing? Or just nostalgic for the Skymall catalogue? Either way, the […]


Fair weather friends

Just how much can you rely on your weather app? And how do they work, anyway?


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