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Concrete jungle: How street artist Dared brightens up Berlin

Walking around Berlin, you've likely spotted one of Dared's signature animal characters pasted up somewhere.

Street art

Meet Josef Foos: The man behind Berlin’s beloved little ‘Street Yogis’

Since 2009, Josef Foos has been spreading joy on the streets of Berlin in the form of […]


Street artist El Bocho: “It’s the most free form of art”

For Berlin graffiti artist El Bocho, street art has led to gallery success – but that doesn’t […]


“For me, it’s easy to go big”: Muralist Kera paints the town

We chatted to the muralist Kera about his path to covering Berlin, and the world, in colour.

Tuesday 20, June

Google street view to update Berlin photos for the first time since 2008

Google street view is about to capture new pictures of Berlin for the first time in 15 […]

Paint the town

Berlin street art: Unicorns, cryptic letters and organic vegetables

You've probably seen it on your daily commute, so let's take a deeper look at some of […]


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