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Top human rights lawyer on “US hubris” of 9/11

The date has been seared into collective memory as a day of tragedy and the precursor to […]


Berlin’s human rights lawyer extraordinaire: Wolfgang Kaleck

Super-lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck represents Edward Snowden, founded the ECCHR and sued torturers and dirty multinationals across the […]


Evidentiary Realism

Like the offspring of Edward Snowden and Banksy, Italian artist Paolo Cirio’s own “performative hacks” mine internet […]


Snowden through a prism: SAZAE bot

INTERVIEW! What do Edward Snowden and Pink Floyd have in common? Japanese collective SAZAE bot explore the […]


Who still cares about Snowden?

Online mag Berliner Gazette brings up the Snowden files, and what we really know of them, in […]


A suitcase full of secrets: Evan Light

An exhibition and a book are bringing the Snowden files back to Berlin. As part of the […]


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