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Dear Pansy: “I want to try anal sex for the first time. I am scared it’ll hurt.”

Berlin drag star and agony aunt Pansy answers your burning questions on all things love and lust.


Daddio: Basic and predictable

Christy Hall's Daddio does little to improve on the "set in cabs" film subgenre. ★★ 1/2


What to expect at the 2024 Jewish Film Festival Berlin

This year's iteration of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin will explore sexuality in Judaism though a new […]

Object Lesson

Safe sex revolution: How Berlin invented the modern condom

The seamless condom was a Berlin invention that sparked a safe-sex movement - but inventor Julius Fromm […]


As Seen At: Pinky Promise

We stopped by Pinky Promise at Club Ost for the extravagant ‘Underwater Fantasies’ party to see how […]

Berlin Sex Survey

The naked truth: How kinky, poly and commitment-phobic is Berlin, really?

Our Berlin Sex Life Survey polled 2,075 people to find out if Berlin’s sex, dating and relationship […]


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