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Save Berlin: Nomad chic

Come fall 2013 Berlin welcomes Eba51, its first post-industrial-pre-fab container city: a cheap, mobile flat village offering […]


Save Berlin: Tempelhof’s buried demons

The sprawling 950-acre park/stage/playground that was formerly an airport is one of Berlin's most beloved urban experiments. […]


Save Berlin: C/O’s spaghetti Western

The beloved and ambitious photography gallery must leave its familiar Mitte space of seven years with a […]


Save Berlin: Towers of power

The euro crisis drama has cast Germany as a pillar of economic strength and the real estate […]


Save Berlin: The real thing

The resurrection of the Prussian imperial palace has got Dan wondering when another of Berlin's architectural ghosts […]


Save Berlin: Berg of broken dreams

Dan Borden on Berlin's ever-changing urbanscape. This month: Teufelsberg. Blame bad karma or the Devil’s Mountain curse. […]


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