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Neukölln under attack

In the past year, Arab and Turkish shop owners, activists and refugee helpers in Berlin’s most diverse […]


Wladek Flakin: Radical left murder plots?

Berlin's secret service warns: You might be murdered by left-wing extremists! Wait, really?


The two faces of AfD

Just last week the German government released of a study confirming the prevalence of right-wing extremism in […]


My friend and Le Pen

On Sun, Apr 23, France goes to the polling booths, and many fear Marine le Pen and […]


Beware of the beginnings!

With the recent rise of populist, nationalist and xenophobic movements such as Pegida and AfD, some have […]


The Gay Berliner: Heaven is (not) a place on Earth

Walter Crasshole empties his fag bag and vents on the issues of the day. This month: the […]


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