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The Ego and His Own: Buzzing, uncompromising individualism

Max Stirner’s 1844 philosophical text of individualism has been transformed into a surreal spectacle at Deutsches Theater.

Album review

Daði Freyr – I Made An Album: Authentic, absurd pop

It's hard not to love the absurd pop and endless modesty of Icelandic Euro star Daði Freyr.


Vernon Subutex 1: Hilarious, political, brimming with life

At the Schaubühne, Thomas Ostermeier’s adaptation of the Virginie Despentes novel is a fully alive panorama of […]

Editor's choice

When did animation lose its soul?

This summer, big animated movies from Pixar and Disney look increasingly soulless. Berlin's Freiluftkinos offer a great […]


Secession: Breaking the standards of its time

The largest collection of Klimt paintings ever presented in Berlin, Secession is now on display at the […]


Happening at the Berliner Ensemble: Being a woman is dirty work

This adaptation of Annie Ernaux's novel is a powerful lament of culture's failure to depict abortion ★★★★


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