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THE WORK: A rich, mystic vision

In Susanne Kennedy and Marcus Selg's final installation of their stage trilogy, THE WORK tells the story […]


The stunning oddities of Modigliani: Modern Gazes

Currently on at the Museum Barberini, 'Modigliani: Modern Gazes' showcases some of the great Italian Modernist's most […]


The Coast Road: Moody, striking and lovely

Alan Murrin's The Coast Road weaves a story of suspense, resentment and desire in 1994 Ireland.


Orion and Beyond: Pink Mario live at Schiff Helene

On Friday, synth-pop up-and-comer Pink Mario kicked off his ‘Orion’ tour. It was a joy to see […]


Letters about Milena: Let’s give Kafka’s girlfriends their literary due

As a new film focuses on Franz Kafka's infuriatingly neurotic love life, maybe it's time to pay […]


Why the troubling problem of Intermezzo’s misogyny remains unresolved

The spectacle of the newly-revived 'Intermezzo' might dazzle, but it still struggles to get past the misogyny […]


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