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Traumnovelle (Dream Novel) ★★★

This adaptation of the Arthur Schnitzler novella is written and directed by Boris von Poser. The same […]


Red Flag: Germany is still run by Nazi Billionaires

Nazi Billionaires, a new book by Bloomberg journalist David de Jong reminds us who runs this country: […]

kinderhook and caracas

Kinderhook and Caracas: Omnibus

Looking back across 10 years, this rich collection shows what artist-run project spaces are capable of.


At Dawn: Utopian futures at Julia Stoschek Collection

Head to the Julia Stoschek Collection for a hyper-contemporary look into our future and its virtual worlds.


Genius Immersive Experience: Leonardo da Vinci

Bombastic, naff, uplifting... the "Genius Immersive Experience" might not make much sense, but it's fun.


Bernar Venet at Kunsthalle: Big, brash… and bitter

Bernar Venet's rusty metal sculptures in Kunsthalle Berlin form the backdrop to a bitter dispute


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