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Milana: From Kharkiv to Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Our reporter spent the weekend at Berlin Hauptbahnhof to help some of the thousands of incoming refugees.

On the ground

The 22:16 from Warsaw: Berlin welcomes refugees from Ukraine

Berlin Hauptbahnhof has become the arrival point for Ukrainian refugees - our reporter was there to meet […]

Eat for Ukraine

Cookies with a cause: Hamantashen for Ukraine

Plus, five other food-based ways to support Ukraine through your stomach this weekend.


Gay capital: The queer asylum seekers who call Berlin home

We meet two Syrians at the centre of Berlin’s Arab queer scene, a hotspot for LGBTQ asylum […]


The Syrians in Berlin taking on the Assad regime

A chance encounter in a Berlin grocery store helped bring about a historic trial into the Assad […]


The New Gospel: “It was about real revolt.”

We speak to director Milo Rau about his new “utopian documentary” highlighting the plight of Southern Italy’s […]


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