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Cherkasy to Berlin: Escaping the war in Ukraine

Irina Shylova fled Ukraine with her youngest son, Viktor, leaving her husband and elder son behind.


Donating to Ukraine: Where does the money go?

Want to donate for Ukraine but don’t know where to start? Find out where the money really […]


Discrimination and prejudice: The BIPOC refugees who fled Ukraine

We spoke to BIPOC refugees who faced violence and discrimination leaving Ukraine.

Ukraine war

Why didn’t Syrian refugees get the same welcome?

Today’s refugees from Ukraine have received an outstanding reception – why didn’t those fleeing Syria get the […]


“I had to help”: The Berliners volunteering round the clock for Ukraine

Hundreds of locals are giving their clothes, money and weekends to help refugees arriving from Ukraine.

Fake news

Fake news of the week: The refugee train

Half-empty beer bottles, rubbish on the floor, graffiti... but who vandalised this train?


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