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John Riceburg. Expropriation and manatees

John loves East Berlin's Tierpark – a zoo that was created after an aristocratic house had their […]


Refugee special: Want to help? Then get offline!

Many Berliners welcome refugees, but few know how to help them. You can click 'like' as many […]


Konrad Werner: Bild’s empty moral blackmail can go fuck itself

Five Bundesliga clubs have now told the Bild newspaper where they can stick their "We're helping" badges.


Seymour Gris: Refugees and the Berlin housing crisis

The flood of refugees into Berlin has forced the city to do something about the housing shortage.


Konrad Werner: The EU has no idea what a refugee crisis is

This isn't a crisis, this is just called reluctantly getting your shit together.


Konrad Werner: Where has this Merkel been?

There's a ban on Merkel-bashing this week – she did good. Just a few small points, though... […]


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