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It’s happened again? Third Berlin prison escape this week

On Thursday morning, a man escaped Plötzensee Prison in Charlottenburg. He was the third escapee in Berlin […]

Thursday 02, November

Moabit women’s prison to become new artists’ studios

Out of use since 2012, construction is currently underway on the Moabit women's prison. From the end […]


Exit is No Object: Art and history intertwine in a former KGB prison

House for the End of the World ingeniously transforms the trauma built into the prison’s basement rooms […]


“The facility is essentially invisible”: Sean Vegezzi on New York’s giant floating jail

Artist Sean Vegezzi brings his investigation of the controversial floating detention centre to Berlin's Disruption Network Lab.


So, you’re going to jail… What are Berlin prisons really like?

You’ve done the crime, now you’ve got to do the time. But what are conditions actually like […]


“I wanted to tell our family’s experience of Julian’s persecution.”

Gabriel Shipton on his brother Julian Assange and producing a film about a family’s fight to free […]


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