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Haus Vaterland: The lost pleasure palace of Potsdamer Platz

The legendary Haus Vaterland was once a vibrant epicentre of nightlife in Weimar-era Berlin, we look back […]


Berlinale Bites: Your Potsdamer Platz food guide to the festival

It's the ultimate food guide for your Berlinale experience.

Tuesday 28, November

Another 5cm of snowfall expected overnight in Berlin

Sub-zero conditions are expected to continue in Berlin all week, with further snowfall expected overnight.

Monday 16, October

Despite ban, 1,000 Berliners gather for pro-Palestine rally

There were violent scenes as 1,000 people gathered at Potsdamer Platz despite Berlin's ban on pro-Palestine protests.


Potsdamer Platz: Photos of 120 years of Berlin history

From the heart of the imperial capital to ruins. Join us for a time travelling exploration of […]


Gamestate Berlin: An arcade paradise at Potsdamer Platz

Think you're too old for the arcade? Think again. Gamestate at Potsdamer Platz provides hours of fun, […]


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