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Megan’s Megacan: Kreuzberg isn’t Germany, Gillamoos is Germany!

Megan's Megacan is back! First on the agenda? A Bavarian folk festival and a discussion of right-wing […]


Megan’s Megacan: Hubert, Hubertus, and Habeck

Konrad and Megan are back to discuss the most recent success of the AfD and the spectacularly […]


Megan’s Megacan: Proud to be German?

Left-wing radical violence goes on trial while the CDU has a new plan to encourage German patriotism. […]


Megan’s Megacan: Why does the mafia love Germany?

Money laundering, Berlin's new mayor and left-wingers on trial. Catch up on German politics with Megan's Megacan!


JuicyFields, Cannabis Cowboys and the “e-growing” scheme that went up in smoke

A new podcast tells the story of a cannabis-related ponzi scheme over eight jaw-dropping episodes.


Megan’s Megacan: Iffy for Giffey

Konrad and Megan are here to unpack the new CDU-SPD coalition and the latest trade protocol for […]


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