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Megan’s Megacan: Teaching High School in a Pandemic

PODCAST! Konrad and Megan get their first German special guest! Kreuzberg high school teacher Mareike comes in […]


Megan’s Megacan: Old Shat In Her Hand?

PODCAST! The megacanners return with the end of a saga at the Karl May Museum in Saxony, […]


Basti’s Beercan: Birkenstocks and Shorts in the Mid-90s

PODCAST! Basti the chef takes Megan's place for one week only to discuss the week in German […]


Radio Spaetkauf Lockdown: Crowded Canals

PODCAST! Almost everything is open again, but the crisis isn't over. Get the latest Berlin news the […]


Megan’s Megacan: Schloss with a Cross

PODCAST! On this week's show, the Bild newspaper takes on Christian Drosten, how depressing is lockdown, and […]


Radio Spaetkauf on the BVG’s masked vigilantes

PODCAST! Here’s Radio Spaetkauf’s latest monthly roundup of local news, including the BVG’s concerns about masked vigilantes […]


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