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Google street view to update Berlin photos for the first time since 2008

Google street view is about to capture new pictures of Berlin for the first time in 15 […]

Wednesday 3, May

Obama had dinner in Schöneberg last night, in Berlin till Thursday

Barack Obama is in Berlin until Thursday. Last night, he had dinner with Angela Merkel in Schöneberg.


Seymour Gris: Obama’s last visit

Obama's farewell presidential tour to Berlin filled us with melancholy and some dread.


John Riceburg: Welcome to the Bavarian police state

John Riceburg reports on his trip down to the G7 conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen last weekend, where he […]


Konrad Werner: #Neuland Merkel – silly old internet granny

Yes, we know, Merkel is a silly old internet granny. But probably not, actually, and her government […]


Obama and Berlin: The end of an affair

Yesterday half of Berlin shut down in order to accommodate an old flame: Barack Obama. But are […]


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