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The complacent centrism of Frank-Walter Steinmeier

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier's history of ugly compromise catches up with him.


Laura Poitras and the art of whistleblowing

The investigative filmmaker approached by Edward Snowden to leak the NSA files returns to Berlin with an […]


Who still cares about Snowden?

Online mag Berliner Gazette brings up the Snowden files, and what we really know of them, in […]


A suitcase full of secrets: Evan Light

An exhibition and a book are bringing the Snowden files back to Berlin. As part of the […]


Konrad Werner: Who’s really in charge?

We now know that the BND is just as uncontrolled and unaccountable as the NSA. And Angela […]


Konrad Werner: Either Merkel is lying or the BND is out of control

The BND story is really complicated, but there's only one thing you need to know.


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