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Haus Vaterland: The lost pleasure palace of Potsdamer Platz

The legendary Haus Vaterland was once a vibrant epicentre of nightlife in Weimar-era Berlin, we look back […]

Thursday, April 25

Berghain ranked as 13th best club in the world

Best club in the world? Berghain is not even the best club in Germany according to the […]

Best of...

Sketcherei: Berlin’s high-concept life drawing class

Sketcherei isn't your typical life drawing class, with a rotating cast of performers who know how to […]


Talking dirty: The kinky techno empire behind Playful Podcast

Amanda and Filip Sandström Beijer - the couple behind Playful magazine and podcast - take to the […]

Music & clubs

New club: Zita takes over the Spandau Citadel

Ready to party like it’s 1197? Meet Zita, the newest addition to Berlin’s club scene housed in […]

Tuesday 15, August

No more black at Kitkat? Club announce new guidelines

Is Berlin entering a bright new era? Kitkat club club posted on Instagram asking guests to: "Stop […]


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