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Meet Josef Foos: The man behind Berlin’s beloved little ‘Street Yogis’

Since 2009, Josef Foos has been spreading joy on the streets of Berlin in the form of […]

Monday 4, March

Hasenheide python: Cause of death has been determined

Following an autopsy, new details have been revealed about the large tiger python that was found dead […]

Wednesday 14, February

Four metre tiger python found dead in Hasenheide Park

The giant snake was spotted underneath a tree in Hasenheide Park by a passerby on Monday.

Tuesday 13, February

Unregistered pro-Palestine demo gathers on Sonnenallee to protest Rafah bombing

Around 200 demonstrators gathered on Sonnenallee on Monday evening in an unregistered protest against the bombing of […]

Thursday 21, December

Raid on Cafe Karanfil: Antifascist women’s organisation searched by police

Cafe Karanfil and several properties of the antifascist women's organisation Zora were targeted by police.


Berlin’s best restaurants: 101 places to eat right now

After exhaustive research, we bring you our ultimate guide to Berlin's best restaurants. Here are the 101 […]


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