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Beware of the beginnings!

With the recent rise of populist, nationalist and xenophobic movements such as Pegida and AfD, some have […]


Konrad Werner: Punching Björn Höcke in the face would be patriotic

There is no tolerating Nazis. That is the whole point of Germany.


Olympia at 80

Is Riefenstahl's masterpiece "Olympia" a Nazi film? Here's the history, the scandals and the indomitable woman behind […]


Leni Riefenstahl: Nazi or not?

Eighty years after her "OIympia" masterpiece was released and 12 years after her death, the question is […]


EXBlicks: Pandora’s reels

The Third Reich's Nazi propaganda films have been locked away for 70 years now for a number […]


John Riceburg: “I’m not racist, I just attack refugees”

In 2015, the number of right-wing crimes doubled. John wonders: Why isn't everyone talking about this?


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