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The voice of the BBC (Symphony Orchestra): Nora Fischer

Ahead of her performance at the Philharmonie with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Dutch vocalist Nora Fischer reflects […]

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The polyphonic threats of Ulysses: Rebecca Saunders

INTERVIEW! At Musikfest (on through Sep 18), Rebecca Saunders translates Ulysses’ last chapter for soprano and stereophonic […]

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Raising the baton

Whether old, new or way-out, orchestral and contemporary music fans will get an earful this month with […]

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Screaming symphonies: Matthias Pintscher

INTERVIEW. Musikfest has been underway for a week already. If you haven't been, Paris-based composer and conductor […]

Music & clubs

Musikfest: Our picks

Time to beef up your classical music knowledge! Staging over 70 pieces by 30-odd orchestras from Sep […]


MaerzMusik head trips

INTERVIEW. Performing at Berghain as part of MaerzMusik on March 20, San Francisco-based free jazz pianist turned […]


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