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Konrad Werner: Why is Germany ignoring the VW scandal?

Is Volkswagen a German company or not? You'd never think so from the way the media and […]


Seymour Hersh: Forbidden information

INTERVIEW! In Berlin on the occasion of the Logan CIJ Symposium, the legendary US investigative journalist gave […]


Konrad Werner: A really boring crisis

Overwhelmed? A new survey of Germany's local councils has found that only six percent are actually swamped […]


Konrad Werner: The German media is feminist all of a sudden

You might not have noticed until now, but Focus magazine and the CSU are totally feminist and […]


Radio free Syria

From an office in Mitte, six Berliners are working tirelessly to support the opposition in Syria via […]


Konrad Werner: Bild’s empty moral blackmail can go fuck itself

Five Bundesliga clubs have now told the Bild newspaper where they can stick their "We're helping" badges.


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