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5 burning questions about weed legalisation in Germany

In typically-German style, the legalisation of cannabis consumption is hazy with bureaucracy and fine-print. We're here to […]

Burning Issue

What can we expect now that cannabis is legal in Germany?

As of this month, marijuana-consumption is officially legal - with some quintessentially German stipulations of course.

Tuesday 2, April

Hundreds celebrate weed legalisation at Brandenburger Tor

As the clock struck midnight on April 1st, smokers lit up to celebrate the legalisation of weed […]

Thursday 5, October

What’s that smell? Police discover Moabit drug depot

The fire brigade were called to investigate water damage in Moabit. They found a massive stash of […]


Germany is legalising weed: What does it mean for Berlin?

After years of discussion, Germany is moving forward with the (semi-)legalisation of cannabis. We look at what […]


JuicyFields, Cannabis Cowboys and the “e-growing” scheme that went up in smoke

A new podcast tells the story of a cannabis-related ponzi scheme over eight jaw-dropping episodes.


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