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Dear Pansy: “I want to try anal sex for the first time. I am scared it’ll hurt.”

Berlin drag star and agony aunt Pansy answers your burning questions on all things love and lust.


Breeze is the dating app that wants you to get offline

For many of us, dating in Berlin can feel pretty intimidating. That's where Breeze comes in.

Berlin Sex Survey

The naked truth: How kinky, poly and commitment-phobic is Berlin, really?

Our Berlin Sex Life Survey polled 2,075 people to find out if Berlin’s sex, dating and relationship […]

Best of Berlin

Discard Your Inhibitions: Intimacy Cards

A game to play with friends, lovers and family: Intimacy Cards are designed to help you open […]

Thursday 4, January

Berlin mayor Kai Wegner and his affair with fellow senator

A parliamentary question asks whether the Berlin mayor has been having an affair with the education Senator. […]


Oyèmi Noize: At the heart of it all

There are few Berlin musicians more versatile than singer-songwriter Oyèmi Hessou. We caught up to find out […]


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