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More than just Murnane: Why we’re getting Australian literature all wrong

Australian author Gerald Murnane is gaining international recognition. But it's high time we shed light on some […]


Ocelot bookstore: “Come in and be surprised!”

Last year, Cecilia Drain took over the reins of one of Berlin's best loved bookstores. We caught […]


‘The Reader’ director Sharon D. Mertins: “It’s like a playground for writers”

We spoke to Sharon D. Mertins, the Guatemalan 'Wahlberlinerin' and fiction writer who has been director of […]


Spore Initiative director Antonia Alampi: “We can’t pretend we are not seeing what’s happening on our streets”

A year after the inception of Spore Initiative, we talk to director Antonia Alampi about how the […]


Zeitgeist Irland 24: Irish arts and culture in Germany

A massive celebration of Irish culture across Germany, Zeitgeist Irland 24 is hosting some amazing events in […]


Lettrétage: The ‘anchor institution’ holding down Berlin’s independent literature scene

With 18 years as co-directors under their belts, Tom Bresemann and Katharina Deloglu reflect on the triumphs […]


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