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The thrill of the trill: How to spot a nightingale in Berlin

For a brief spell each spring, Berlin nights fill with the strange and haunting songs of the […]

Monday 19, June

Hundreds of fish found dead in Landwehr Canal

Due to heavy rainfall and contaminated water flowing into the Landwehr Canal, hundreds of dead fish are […]


Berlin by the water: The prettiest waterside spots

Harbours, forests, lakes and canals: these are the prettiest, most chilled-out spots by the water in Berlin.


Unreal city: Digital versions of Berlin in video games

Enter a low-resolution Berghain, sneak through U-Bahn tunnels or tear across Tiergarten in Mario Kart. Berlin has […]


What’s that smell? 10 places where Berlin really stinks

Berlin has swampy ground and few public toilets, so take a deep breath and hold your nose, […]


Riviera life

Fancy an afternoon of sunbathing by the water, a boating excursion, or a quiet picnic after a […]


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