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Charlottenburg in the 1960s: Berlin’s coolest Kiez

It's hard to imagine it now, but in the 1960s Charlottenburg was Berlin’s bohemian hotspot. These vintage […]

Monday 5, June

Kurfürstendamm car racers face Germany’s first ever noise camera

A camera with four microphones and a 180-degree wide-angle camera has been monitoring boy racers on Ku'damm.


Manuel Abramovich: “What makes pleasure real?”

Manuel Abramovich’s award-winning films blur the lines between reality and performance.


Tandoori Nächte and The Indique: A tale of two biryanis

At Tandoori Nächte in the West and The Indique in the East, two Indian restaurants are putting […]


Maggie Spooner: Charlottengrad redivivus

Walking through the streets of Charlottenburg, Maggie senses the immense influence of the Russians on City West. […]


Maggie Spooner: Help! Save us from Harald

Kurfürstendamm is going through its own speculation and investing problems. These wolves have set their sights on […]


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