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Welcome to Mark Reeder’s Bergmannkiez

Music producer and label owner Mark Reeder takes us on a tour of his favourite Bergmannkiez spots.

Little Kiez of my Heart

A guide to Gräfekiez with Mary Sherpe from ‘Stil in Berlin’

Mary Sherpe, the woman behind the mega-popular blog and Instagram account 'Stil in Berlin', gives us a […]

Neighbourhood guide

A little kiez of my heart… with DJ Einkaufswagen

Ben Jones aka DJ Einkaufswagen gives us a tour of his little neighbourhood in Kreuzberg. Let's explore […]

Monday 14, August

Kreuzberg crowds ignore Admiralsbrücke’s expensive new noise-o-meter

Kreuzberg have installed a new Lärmomat or noise-o-meter to reduce nighttime crowd noise. So far, it isn't […]

Snip snip

Get a haircut! English-speaking hairdressers and barbers in Berlin

Want a trim but worried about saying the wrong thing? See our pick of the best English-speaking […]


Berlin’s most beautiful neighbourhoods

These lovely spots are guaranteed to have something for everyone.


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