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Prefab house of cards

Cabin Spacey hopes to provide the nomadic, Berlin hipster elite of the future with the prefab home […]


Grapus: A French Collective of Graphic Designers

Creating the visual look of the far-left from 1968 to the early 90s, Grapus have been at […]


Wim Wenders: Instant Stories

Wim Wenders may be better known for films such as Wings of Desire and Paris, Texas, but […]


Michel François: Une Hétérotopie

Belgian artist François hangs this exhibition on French philosopher Foucault’s notion of heterotopia: enclosed environments such as […]


Coming out trans at school

Teenage school years can be a bumpy ride. Add the feeling of growing up in a body […]


Beyond words: International Literature Festival

Berlin’s International Literature Festival is back with 200 authors from 50 countries and 10 days (Sep 5-15) […]


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