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Manufacturing war: Mohammad Al Attar

Syrian exile Mohammad Al Attar on "The Factory" – an indictment of Western multinationals’ role in his […]


The Jewish Nazi-aid: Blonde Poison

British director Robert Chevara on Blonde Poison, a play based on the amazing true story of Stella […]


On the other side of the fire: U – July 22

INTERVIEW! Erik Poppe on U – July 22, his harrowing, debate-sparking take on the 2011 Norway massacre. […]

Music & clubs

Six questions for… Joey Hansom of Godmother

The DJ and writer on their cabaret-inspired act – hear Godmother perform their debut album for the […]


Made in Berlin: Chilly Gonzales

From rap records and performance art to piano albums and chamber music, ex-Berliner Chilly Gonzales returns in […]


Wham! BAM! Theatre, ma’am

Not too clear on the difference between “music theatre”, “musical theatre” and “opera”? Maybe the upcoming BAM! […]


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